How It Works

Paidtogo is the original Move To Earn fitness app and has been live in the app store since 2016. We were the first app that allows you to earn cash or Bitcoin for walking and running. Our goal is to motivate you to exercise more and drive less. You can earn up to 10 cents per mile just for walking and running outdoors.

Paidtogo is a paid subscription service where you buy in with a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. Our break even rates are very fair and explained in detail below.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Tracking: You can now sync with Apple Health and Fitbit in version 5.2.4 and later. Your data will update daily. Keep in mind you will not see data from the last 24 hours until the new day is complete. Your data may not match up perfectly with what you see in Apple Health depending on a number of factors. We recommend syncing with Apple Health so you don't need to keep the Paidtogo app open all the time, which can drain your battery.


Your Fitbit and Apple Health data may pull into our system differently from what you see in your Fitbit and Apple Health apps due to server timezones. This app awards coins for miles traveled, not steps. 

2. Payout Limit: You can purchase one payout per month. Those who purchase more than one will have their extra payouts deleted. 

3. Fraud: These need to be natural walks or running activities. Do not try to game the system. Fraud hurts legitimate users and takes money from their pockets. We reserve the right to remove any users who we have reason to believe are cheating. We have many proprietary fraud detections in place. Here are some examples of things that will get you banned:

  • Using more than one account/phone
  • Using any form of mechanized equipment 
  • GPS spoofing
  • Anything other than natural walk/run activities

4. When you have earned enough Coins for a payout, go to the Cash Out section in the app and purchase a payout with your coins. 

How You Earn

Users earn two Coins for every mile they walk and run for the first 5 miles per day. After the first 5 miles, you will earn 1 coin per mile. Coins are worth 5 Cents USD. You have a max limit of 50 Coins per day. When you have earned enough coins you can purchase a Payout in the app. 

How Much Do You Need To Move To Break Even?

Let's do the math on what it takes to break even. At 10 cents per mile for the first 5 miles each day, here is how much you need to move to break even by subscription plan:

Miles Per Day To Break Even

Monthly Plan ($14.99): 5 miles per day; 150 miles per month

Quarterly Plan ($35.99): 4 Miles per day; 120 miles per month

Yearly Plan ($119.99): 3.3 Miles per day; 100 miles per month

Earning Additional Coins

In addition to walking and running, you can earn additional Coins in the following ways. There are four ways you can earn additional Coins:

1. You can earn 25 Coins for every referral that downloads our app and registers an account. 

2. Earn 1 Coin each day just for opening the app

3. Leave a review in the app store stating how much you got paid, send us a screenshot of the review (before you hit the submit button so we know it's you) and earn 100 Coins.

Cashing Out

You can view the Paypal Payouts and the Coins needed to purchase them in the Cash Out section of the app. The number of available Payouts each month is determined by our revenue from in-app purchases. 

We reserve the right to change the cost, number of units available, and any other details of the Payout at any time. You must have an active Pro account at the time payouts are made.

Power Users

In order to keep the program competitive and allow fresh users to earn money, we are implementing a new program for Power Users starting January 1st, 2023. Power Users are users that average over 10 miles per day in a given month. Users that are determined to be "Power Users" are limited to 10 total Payouts at the normal rate of 2 coins per mile. After 10 Payouts, Power Users will earn 1 coin per mile.  Once your payouts are used up you can continue to use the app and earn 1 coin per mile. 

Available Payouts

There are a limited number of payouts available each month. We do our best to make sure there are enough payouts for all who claim one. If there are no payouts available you can check back as we add more payouts periodically throughout the month. 

Preventing Fraudulent Activity

Attempting to game or defraud the system takes money from honest users and erodes trust in the program. We have many verification measures taking place behind the scenes to make sure that users are only walking and running in accordance with our terms and conditions. These include step tracking, speed, location and other indicators useful for determining activity type. Not all of your data may convert into Coins and we may delete activities that don't meet our criteria. In the event that we find a user is attempting to game the system and earn Coins and money outside of normal walk and run activities, we will delete that users account and no payouts will be made to that user. Attempting to defraud the system includes the following types of activities: any machine powered assistence, GPS spoofing, using more than one device, attaching your phone or wearable device to anything other than your body, consistently posting large coin earnings every day for an extended period of time when your step, location and speed data don't match up, etc..

We reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason at any time.

How To Cancel and Delete Your Account

You can delete your account by going to your profile page and selecting "Delete Account." You can cancel your subscription by going to your Apple Subscriptions menu in your Iphone. Here is more info on how to cancel your subscription:

We are interested in your feedback on how we can make this program better and pay more people for walking and running. Please email us at or fill out the contact form in the app and we will get back to you asap.

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