How It Works

There Are Just Three Rules for PaidToGo:

1. 1 Payout per Month Limit: Only purchase 1 payout per month. Those who purchase more than one will have their extra payouts deleted and coins lost starting in September 2021

2. Fraud: Do not try to game the system. We reserve the right to remove any users or points who we have reason to believe are cheating. We have many proprietary fraud detections in place. These need to be natural walks or running activities. 

3. Have fun!


Pro Program: 

We have changed our Pro pricing to $14.99 per month and $29.99 per quarter (a 33% discount). We have significantly upgraded our rewards structure. Here is an overview of the changes to Paidtogo Pro:

  • Monthly Earnings Cap has been updated from $25 per month to $75 per month
  • Daily Coins cap has been increased from 3x to 9x (now 90 coins per day)
  • Increased Earn Coins rewards.
  • You can now earn up to 36 Coins per day for watching ads and taking polls. It is based on rolling a 7 (like craps) and then a 1d6 for Coins for each ad or survey. You can watch 3 ads and take 3 surveys per day for a total of 6 chances to win Coins
  • Earn 5 Coins for each friend you invite that signs up for Paidtogo
  • Earn 5 Coins per day for sharing our Binance link
  • Earn up to 1000 Coins per month for trading crypto on Binance with our referral link
  • We have updated our minimum prize from $10 to $15 for 750 Coins

So in summary, it is now much easier to earn more Coins per day and per month. If you purchase our yearly plan, it is still less per year than our previous monthly plan of $7.99 per month. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback by sending an email to 

You can now get paid in Bitcoin!

Users can now choose to be paid in Bitcoin instead of Paypal. Follow the steps at the bottom of this page or go to this page for more info: Earn Bitcoin for walking and biking

Get you Bitcoin wallet here:

Paidtogo Coins

Users can earn Coins for every mile they walk and run. Coins can be used to purchase Paypal Payouts. We have two programs or pools you can enter - a free pool and a paid pool. 

Paidtogo Pools

Our free program is called Paidtogo Coins and our paid program ($14.99/month, $29.99/quarter) will be called Paidtogo Pro. We call these two programs "Pools". Here is a rundown of how each Pool works:

Paidtogo Coins - Our free pool is called Paidtogo Coins. Users earn 1 Coin for every mile they walk or run. Earnings are capped at 10 Coins per day. Users can earn 2 Coin for sharing their activity to social media each day. When users have accumulated enough Coins for a payout they will purchase the payout from the Paidtogo Store in the app using their Paidtogo Coins. Users will receive their payment within 30 days of the purchase.

Paidtogo Pro - Our Pro pool will operate the same as the free pool with some important differences. First the earnings cap is tripled to 90 Coins per day. Second, users earn 2 Coins per mile instead of 1 Coin. Third, Pro allows users to Sync with Apple Health and/or track their activities in the background without opening the app. When you have earned enough coins you can purchase a Paypal Payout from our Paidtogo Store in the app. We have $50, $100 and $500 Payouts available for purchase from the Paidtogo store. 

Paidtogo Coins

Paidtogo Coins is our free pool that anyone can join. Payouts are purchased from the Paidtogo Store when enough coins have been accumulated. The free program is funded by advertising. To remove ads please upgrade to Paidtogo Pro.

  • 1 Walk/Run Mile = 1 PTG Coin
  • 10 Coins per day max
  • % of users will win random cash drawings
  • Funds available are based on ad revenue
  • Users can remove ads by upgrading to Pro 
  • The more users in the pool the more prizes available

Paidtogo Pro

You earn Paidtogo Coins for every mile/KM you walk and run. When you have accumulated enough coins, you can use the Coins to purchase a Paypal Payout of $15, $25, $50, $100 or $500. We also remove ads and enable auto tracking and Apple Sync for walk and run activities. Paidtogo Pro is funded through app subscription revenue. 

Paidtogo Pro gives you the following benefits over the Paidtogo Points Pool:

  • Earn 2x Coins per mile towards Paypal Payouts
  • Earn 9x more Coins per day (90 Coin cap)
  • Enable auto-tracking for walk and run activities. (No need to login to track an activity)
  • Enable Apple Sync (doesn't work for iWatch data at this time. Our watch app is coming in early 2021)
  • Remove ads from app

How you get paid:

Paidtogo Coins - Payments are made via Paypal or Bitcoin up to 30 days after purchase of a Paypal Payout. 

Paidtogo Pro - Payments are made up to 30 days after you purchase a Paypal or Bitcoin Payout from the Paidtogo Store. 

How Payments are distributed:

Paypal Payouts are divided up into $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 and $500 payouts that are available when you have earned enough Paidtogo Coins. Larger payouts are discounted. The value of a Paidtogo Coin varies depending on the Paypal Payout you purchase. For example the $500 payout is 18,000 Coins giving it a value of 2.77 cents per Coin. Smaller payouts have a lower Coin value as they are not as steeply discounted. You can view the Paypal Payouts and the Coins needed to purchase them in the Paidtogo Store in the apps.

The Paidtogo Store

Users can view available Payouts in the Paidtogo Store located in our apps. The number of available Payouts each month is determined by our revenue from in-app purchases and advertising. We pay out over 50% of funds we bring in every month. As we grow the number of units available will increase. 

Once all of the available units of Payouts have been purchased for a given month, there will be no more Payouts available until the next month. So you may have to wait until the following month to purchase your desired Payout if it is not available. 

*Note that we may change the Cost, number of units available, and any other details of the Payout at any time.

Tracking options

You have 3 options for tracking your walk and run activities

1. Manual Tracking - You can track your activities by opening the app and clicking "Start Activity

2. Auto-Tracking - You can enable auto tracking if you upgrade to Paidtogo Pro. Auto tracking allows you to track your walk and run activities in the background without manually starting an activity. You can go to Settings in the app to turn on auto tracking.

3. Apple Health Sync - You can enable Apple Health Sync by upgrading to Paidtogo Pro and going to Settings in the app. Keep in mind this will reset your Coins for the month so do this at the beginning of a new month if you have Coins you don't want to lose. 

Preventing Fraudulent Activity

Attempting to game or defraud the system takes money from honest users and erodes trust in the program. We have many verification measures taking place behind the scenes to make sure that users are only walking and running in accordance with our terms and conditions. These include step tracking, speed, location and other indicators useful for determining activity type. Not all of your data may convert into Coins and we may delete activities that don't meet our criteria. In the event that we find a user is attempting to game the system and earn Coins and money outside of normal walk and run activities, we will delete that users account and no payouts will be made to that user. Attempting to defraud the system includes the following types of activities: any machine powered assistence, GPS spoofing, attaching your phone or wearable device to anything other than your body, consistently accumulating the max number of points every day for an extended period of time when your step, location and speed data don't match up, etc...

We are interested in your feedback on how we can make this program better and pay more people for walking and running. Please email us at or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you asap.

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