Sponsor private and public active commutes to reduce traffic and pollution while incentivizing exercise.

Advertise on the Paidtogo app and website pool dashboards. Your ad dollars go directly to paying users for walk, run and bike commutes.

For Commuters

  • Incentives For Positive Behaviors
  • Earn Cash and Rewards
  • Enter Multiple Pools At Once
  • Track Walk, Run, Bike and Gym Activities
  • View Stats and Analytics
  • View CO2 Offsets
  • Track Gym Check-Ins

For Sponsors

  • Improve Community Sustainability and Health
  • Advertise In-App and on Pool Dashboards
  • Sponsor Local Community Pools
  • Create Public or Private Pools
  • Advertise In Our National Pool
  • Ad Management Dashboard
  • Download Offset Certificates