Earn Bitcoin For Walking and Biking

How the Bitcoin payments works

Step 1: Register for Binance: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=Z1NS0IHM
Step 2: Download the Binance app (optional)
Step 3: Copy your Bitcoin wallet address from Binance by going to Wallets > Spot Wallet> BTC > Deposit and copy and paste your BTC address in the address field of your Profile screen in Paidtogo
Step 4: Select Bitcoin as your preferred payment method in the Paidtogo Profile screen

Step 5: That’s it! Now just walk and run as normal and when you purchase a payout from the Paidtogo store we will send you the USD value in Bitcoin within 30 days*

Step 6: (optional) Trade any crypto on Binance through our referral link and earn up to 1000 Coins and win $100 in Bitcoin each month.*

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the largest crypto currency in the world and offers the opportunity to send and receive payments all over the world. Crypto currencies are inherently volatile and their value can fluctuate wildly. We believe that Bitcoin has a bright future and is worth holding onto, but this is not financial advice. You need to research how to properly hold your bitcoin safely and the inherent risks involved.

About Binance

Binance is the largest and most trusted crypto exchange in the world. With Binance you can trade, borrow and lend your Bitcoin. You can also earn Bitcoin through their savings programs with interest rates up to 12% APY per year for certain coins. 

Sign up for Binance to get your wallet address. We will send your Bitcoin to your Binance wallet address.


How To Get Up To 1000 Paidtogo Coins and $100 in Bitcoin Monthly

1.Sign up with our referral link: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=Z1NS0IHM

2. Earn 100 Coins for every 1 BTC spot trading volume or 10 BTC Futures (margin) trading Volume

3. Trade 1 BTC per month and be entered into drawing to win $100 in BTC each month

4. Screenshot* your monthly trading volume from this page. Make sure to include trading date range and your user ID: https://www.binance.com/en/fee/schedule

5. Send to support@paidtogo.com along with your Paidtogo Username. 

*Terms and conditions - We will send you the USD value you purchased from the store in Bitcoin on the date of payment (within 30 days of purchase) minus the transaction fees involved. Bitcoin transaction fees can vary. We are not responsible for the volatile price fluctuations of bitcoin and your BTC value may go up or down immediately after payment is sent. We are not responsible for addresses that are entered wrong and payments that are lost. Screenshot must show your monthly trading volume for Spot and Futures (Margin) from the transactions detail popup for the beginning and end of month (First and last screen for start and end of the month. Click the detail link next to the trading volume to bring up your transactions. We must be able to attribute your trading volume to our referral link and verify your trading volume through Binance. We may request additional documentation for validation.